Manage your
invaluable asset.

Time is like a wave on a string. It’s floating, continuous and
all the other assets in your business are dependent on it.
Manage the time with Logix, and manage all.

What is Logix?

It is an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution. it is smart, efficient and adaptable as you need.

Manage all your assets

Logix helps you to manage your time by managing all your business assets with a full adaptive features.

Smart & fully adaptable with your business.

Logix is an out-of-the-box ERP solution for SMEs with its functionalities to improve efficiency and acquire real-time business insights. Launched in 2006 and currently active 800+ clients with its various modules. All modules runs simultaneously in coordination.

Ultimate Adaptability.

Logix does not require any of the frameworks of the classic software. It easily adapts to the existing process.


Supplier Reconciliation

Reconcile with your suppliers easily and instantly.

24/7 Uptime

A technical service to answer the questions and solve the problems you might encounter.

Instant Inventory

Count inventory in warehouses, stocks or even on shelves instantly with a click.

Federative Cloud

Can work within cloud or on intranet to fit into many market or restaurant chains.

Hardware Integration

Integratable with any type of hardwares from barcodes to humidity sensors.

On the Go Control

Modules work by easy-to-learn, comprehensive calculations and an easy-to-understand and secure system that is tailored to the latest technological developments.

All the modules in the continuously developed LOGIX management systems work in coordination with one another.

Control your assets,
control your business.


Be on the same page

Reconciliation with suppliers takes only a few minutes to prepare the new calculations in the desired kind or shape in the program.

Stay up to date, everytime

It is effortless to control the number of products and merchandise in the warehouse/inventory, and to count the inventory.

Stay adaptable

It can run on global networks and Cloud server together with local systems.

Main industries using Logix

Learn more by diving into the business cases of content clients.

Real business experiences with Logix

Different industries, same story of excellence.

Logix Application Software Package serves thousands of users in more than 800 enterprises with its 30 modules.

The goal is to prepare the basis of modules that enterprises need within a short time and function as a local company in charge of planning and programming the resources to automate the activities of medium and large businesses.

Set a meeting, today.

Time is your most valuable asset to proceed with your business. So, you should better not to waste it. Drop us a line now and let’s set an introduction meeting to start learning more about Logix.