Logix for Retail

Carries out the management of many stores from a single point.

Agile power to your retail business.

Logix offers end-to-end retail business management including hassle-free stock management, electronic documentation, and increasing customer satisfaction.


Key benefits for your retail business

Enhanced Operations

Increased efficiency of the work with the staff.

Powerful CRM

Effective CRM capabilities with powerful data handling.

Financial Stability

Control over the current financial situation.

Cost Management

Accurately calculation of product cost.

Easy to tune with your business.

Logix can be used for sales and sales of goods by barcode or RFID, also includes activities aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.

Vendor Management

Satisfactory merchandising of the sales process to determine the quota and rate of rewards separately for each vendor.


Able to establish a rewarding system for goods and goods groups for different date ranges.


Stock Management

Sort and sort your goods by type, brand, code, color, size and other parameters and filter them accordingly.


Product Follow-up

Distribute, count, sell, and so on through the handheld products terminal.

Easier cashier operations.


Daily reporting

Receive daily cash reports in detail or summary.


Reporting Flexibility

Cash register for any date range (daily, monthly, quarterly etc.)


Sales follow-up

Detailed follow-up with the day-to-day sales, refund and cancellation transactions.

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